Before Valuediary was known as Valuediary, it was a brick-and-mortar store that sold crafting goods. We ran it for a great 10 years. With the advent of internet shopping, we moved things online to reach even more people. But why the name?

Our founders, sisters April and Therese, were entrepreneurs since they were kids. They kept "diaries" where they would jot down innovative ideas, pricing calculations, and places to buy materials which they could then transform and sell to classmates at the best value. Soaps, solid perfumes, crafting goods. The list went on. And hence, Valuediary!

20 years later, April and Teresa have turned their passion for passing on favorite ideas to others into a successful business. They've put together a team that is committed to helping customers thrive with their creativity and well-being, all at the best value for their buck!

You can also enjoy swift shipping to your country! Valuediary ships to over 200 countries and regions with a wide range of flexible shipping methods that are perfect for any need. Purchases are made even more guarded if you avail of shipping insurance! Enjoy effortless shopping at home, and Valuediary will do the rest!

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