💦Cleaning Up Following Bath Time Has NeverBeen Easier Or Less Exerting💦

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Say goodbye to the messy and backbreaking chore of rinsing your shower walls or pet with a bucket.

Easy Slip On, Slip Off Design – Stretches to Fit Faucets up to 7”. Fits most shower heads, spigots and faucets

Quickly and easily spray down the shower after bathing your precious pet using our 2-in-1 pet washer and shower cleaner! 

Universally compatible, convertible and convenient, this detachable shower hose system puts in work so you don't have to. 

Easy way to give your dog a bath in the shower, sink or tub.

the things that you can do with a Ezshower!

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Pleasantly Surprised!

"Use it on the bathtub water spout and it fits perfectly. I use it to wash our dog. Very helpful and east to use. It is great for washing a 45ld dog with very thick hair. Much easier on me too."   - Marian L.

Bath Time Game Changer!

"It is convenient to use and makes dog bathing a breeze. Unlike a bucket, the Ezshower steady flow rate allows you to give your puppy a thorough rinse without getting water in his/her eyes and ears. 

Whats more, the length of the hose is great for reaching a dog's underbelly, which is normally difficult to reach. I used it today on my 10 week old Labrador puppy and was impressed by her calmness."   - Michelle P.

Covered showerhead easily, works great!

"Perfect product for bathing a pet in a tub. I tried others, like the Aquapaw. You had to be a plumber to attach those to your shower head without having water leaking all over the place. Ezshower is simple to slip over your shower head when needed. 

No leaks.And it stays in place throughout the process. Now I can efficiently completely bathe and rinse my dog!" - Anna K.

Product Specification

Product Specification:
Color: blueMaterial: thermoplastic
Hose length: approx. 150cm/59.06in, diameter 1.7cm/0.67in

NOTE: Due to extremely high demand, orders take up to 10-15 days (United States), 15-25 days (Rest Of The World) to ship and arrive. Please be patient, we are doing our very best to fulfill every order that we receive!