"Day by day, I was losing my confidence and control of my life."

I don’t take my kids and grandkids for granted. Far from it: they are blessings and I enjoy spending every minute with them. But these days, it’s getting hard to. 

I’d be lying if I said that having 5 kids didn’t take its toll on my body. Partner that with time and by 54-years-old, all my joints are aching and my self-esteem had become practically non-existent.Getting out of bed is hard. Getting in bed is hard. And everything in between? A struggle thanks to these joints, aching muscles, and constant headaches.  And boy do the pains get intense.

One minute, I’m tending to the dishes after a family dinner, the next I’m doubled over in pain. 

And these finger pains made my favorite hobby, flower arrangement, nearly impossible to do. I was heartbroken.

And don’t get me started about the effects time has had on my confidence. In my youth, I won beauty pageants. Beauty pageants. I lived for glamor. Now, I can’t help but deflect even well-meaning compliments because I can’t help but think about the past. 

I’m ashamed to admit I spent hundreds of dollars on beauty creams, essences, and even contemplated getting cosmetic surgery, but the pain and many medical risks that posed always scared me away.The beauty gunk all just winded up in the waste bin when they didn’t do what I’d been promised they’d do. I spent upward of $2,000 on these things. No lasting effects, just a ton of wasted, hard-earned money. 

My husband tried to understand but deep down I know he hated seeing me like this.And for the pains? I tried every ointment in the market. All my doctor did was told me these were natural when you get older, prescribed me painkillers that made me extremely dizzy, and sent me on my way. 

It was starting to feel hopeless: I was resigned to living a life of pain and misery.

That was when I found the Acupuncture Pen, the drug-free way to ridding you of pain and reclaiming your beauty.

It happened over Thanksgiving. My daughter, Cassie, pulled me into the living room after dinner to tell me she’d been looking for ways to help me with my body pain. She gave me this curious pen and told me it had been designed by acupuncturists in Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan. A co-worker told her about it and she got one ASAP. 

Eagerly, I explored the Acupuncture Pen. It was completely needle-free (which was a HUGE relief because I am terrified of them!) using gentle electric pulses instead. No harmful drugs with side effects, no invasive surgeries.

After using it, to my surprise, my body pains considerably lessened! And my face felt tighter, fresher- I actually liked looking in the mirror. I even got back to flower arranging!”

 “I was excited to spend time with my family again because I didn’t have to just sit back and watch due to the pain. I began to open up to my hubby again. I’m not exaggerating: it’s been spectacular.” 

The Acupuncture Pen has become a part of my day-to-day life. And I am so thankful for it.

There are a ton of reasons to use the Acupuncture Pen: 

• 3 nodes for the face, body, and ears and hands. 

• Treat yourself with acupuncture and reflexology WITHOUT any needles. 

• It helps you find acupuncture and trigger points via light and sound. 

• Portable - you can carry it around in your purse! 

• Safer and more affordable than beauty gunk, surgeries, and meds with side-effects. 

Now, I don’t go to sleep without using my Acupuncture Pen first. It’s also the first thing I do when I wake up- well, after hugging my hubby, of course. I keep one in my bedside drawer and one in my purse for when the pain acts up.I feel years younger. 

I feel stronger and can do chores without doubling over in pain. Heck, I feel like I can enter beauty pageants again (watch out, ladies!) I just can’t recommend it enough! 

“I haven’t looked back after my sweet Cassie gave me my Acupuncture Pen.”

 “That’s why I want to share this discovery with the world.

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