4Pcs/Set Bias Tape Makers
4Pcs/Set Bias Tape Makers

    4Pcs/Set Bias Tape Makers

    $17.99 $23.99

      Do you want an easy way of making your own bias tapes as if professionally done?

      Better equip yourself with this DIY Fabric Clover Bias Tape Maker. This would help you create your own bias tape so easily!


      Makes bias tapes perfectly. The finish will surely look great, neat, clean and perfectly done. Can be used to make quilt edges or other sewing projects. Applicable for making borders, accents or trim on projects.


      Light and easy to carry. Made of stainless steel and plastic. Comes in various sizes depending on your sewing requirement


      Economically and fast. All are in perfect coordination. No loose thread or whatever. Just a perfectly fine finish!


      Works on all types of fabric. Simply feed fabric strips cut on the bias. Pull the fabric through and iron fold then voila! The perfect bias tape will be made! Ready for sewing or sticking.

      HOW TO USE

      1. Cut the fabric into strips diagonally at your required width and size
      2. Feed the strips to the bias tape maker making sure that the wrong side up then pulls it through
      3. Pin the end of the strip on the ironing board and iron it. Continue pulling the strip-till you finish.
      Enhance your sewing projects with beautiful, perfectly done bias tapes with this DIY Fabric Clover Bias Tape Maker. Grab yours NOW!


      Material: Plastic / Metal

      Tape Maker Sizes: 

      • Size 6mm (fit for fabric 12mm widths)
      • Size 12mm (fit for fabric 24mm widths)
      • Size 18mm (fit for fabric 36mm widths)
      • Size 25mm (fit for fabric 46mm widths)