Adjustable Dog Lift Harness
Adjustable Dog Lift Harness
Adjustable Dog Lift Harness
Adjustable Dog Lift Harness
Adjustable Dog Lift Harness
Adjustable Dog Lift Harness

    Adjustable Dog Lift Harness


      Give your pets the lift they need.

      If your dogs have limited mobility due to old age or injury, this Adjustable Dog Lift Harness can help them get around more easily. This sling wrap around your pets’ rear legs and is designed to provide support to your dogs in their daily life. It’ll make activities such as coming down the stairs, hopping into a car, or simply going for a walk easier and pain-free.
      Features and benefits:

      Helps your dogs move around. This special harness provides old or recovering dogs with the care and comfort they need to function normally. It supports your dogs’ lower body and has a handle that you can use to take off some weight of your pooches’ hips or legs so they can walk comfortably and pain-free.

      Multipurpose harness. It lets you assist your dogs with their daily activities, such as climbing stairs, hopping onto the furniture, taking bathroom breaks, entering a car, or simply going outside for a walk. Perfect for aging dogs, has arthritis, injuries, or recovering from surgery.

      Easy and safe to use. Simply wear the harness around your dogs’ hind legs and use the strap to adjust for a perfect, comfortable fit. Then hold the handle to start assisting them. The harness is made of soft, breathable cotton to ensure it won’t hurt your dogs’ skin or fur.

      Available in several sizes. Available in small, medium, large or extra-large sizes, you can choose the right one perfect for your favorite furballs’ sizes and weights. It also makes a great gift for the pet parents in your life who dearly love their aging or ailing dogs and still want them to enjoy life despite their conditions.

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      Product Specifications:
      • Package includes: (1) Adjustable Dog Lift Harness
      • Material: Cotton + Nylon
      • Size:
      • S ~ 25 - 35 cm/ 9.84 - 13.77 inches
      • M ~ 35 - 45 cm/ 13.77 - 17.71 inches
      • L ~ 42 - 52 cm / 16.53 - 20.47 inches
      • XL ~ 52 – 64 cm/ 20.47 - 25.19 inches
      • Color: Blue