Automatic Fish Feeder
Automatic Fish Feeder
Automatic Fish Feeder
Automatic Fish Feeder
Automatic Fish Feeder
Automatic Fish Feeder
Automatic Fish Feeder

    Automatic Fish Feeder

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      This fish feeder can let you enjoy the experience of the fish feeding when you are at home and it can help you to feed your fish when you go out.
      • 🐠【Smart design of fish food vacation feeder】: When you plan to travel for a few days without free time to feed your fish, this Automatic Fish Feeder can help you a lot. You can set up to 4 feedings per day, feeding 1-3 times each time, so that you can travel without any anxiety. At the same time, you can also feed manually and experience the fun of feeding.
      • 🐠【Large Food Capacity & Moisture Prevents Design】:This digital fish feeder has 200ml capacity which is suitable for various fish foods such as flakes, Goldfish Granules,pellets, powders and strips, and suitable for different pet such as fish, turtle, frog.This fish feeder has a closed design which can prevent the fish feed from getting wet so that we can provide the premium feed to your fish.
      • 🐠【Energy saving of auto fish feeder】: Our fish feeder uses a update smart chip that it can saves energy. Powered by 2*AA battery, (Note:Battery is not include) it can be used for 4-6 months on a single charge it will depends on the number of the feeding set. So this auto fish feeder can bring more convenient in our life.

      • 🐠【Install method of fish feeder automatic dispenser】: Our fish feeder is suitable for a variety of different styles of fish tanks. One is to fix the feeder to the tank wall by using the holder.The other way is paste it on the tank cover with the double-side sticker. Please Make sure this auto fish feeder is fixed over the water level to avoid the fish feeder into the water.

      • Large capacity

        1. This fish feeder has a large capacity of 200 ML which can provide more than 5-8 days of feeding. PS: The feeding date depends on the quantity of your fish.

        2. Don't set too much fish food for one time feeding to protect the water quality.

      • The feeding device has a 360-degree rotating bottom and you can adjust the feeding position at any time so that it will more convenient for your small fish to eat the feed

      • 1. Tip : Don't need to remove the feeding box, just open the top cover and add the feed.

        2. Time-saving and efficient, when you buy this auto fish feeder , it will bring more happiness to your life.

      Color: AF-2019A/AF-2019B
      Material: Plastics
      Applicable object: Aquarium
      Package includes:
      1* Automatic Fish Feeder