ChipIn' Chips Maker Set
ChipIn' Chips Maker Set
ChipIn' Chips Maker Set
ChipIn' Chips Maker Set
ChipIn' Chips Maker Set

    ChipIn' Chips Maker Set

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      Prepare, cook, and serve chips with one set!

      The ChipIn' Chips Maker Set lets you perfectly slice potatoes and other veggies and cook them in the microwave (no oil needed!) on top of providing a place for easy eating with its rack-style bowl.

      How to Use:

      1. Use the ChipIn' chip slicer to cut the potato into thin slices. Rinse potato slices until cold water runs clear and dry. Season however you'd like. Brush with olive oil (optional)
      2. Place each slice in the ChipIn's chip bowl grooves.

      3. Place in microwave and cook for about 3-6 minutes.

      4. Let cool and serve!

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      Why the ChipIn' Chips Maker Set?
    • Prepare, cook, and serve chips with ONE set
    • No risky knives or clunky mandolins needed 
    • Make chips out of potatoes, zucchinis, pumpkins, and more
    • Eliminates need to use oil to cook homemade chips
    • What are Customers Saying?

      "Love chips? Get this. It was my first time buying online so I was skeptical but so far, I don't regret it one bit! I love this set. I've made chips out of almost every vegetable in the house with it. Good for parties or just unwinding at home, especially if your version of self-care involves chips with a movie." Kelly Curtis, San Jose, CA

      "Very surprised. I didn't know chips made in the microwave could be so tasty! This is a nice set: the cutter works great, the bowl is convenient. Love that you can use it to both cook and serve your chips." Liane Hall, San Diego, CA

      "A household favorite. My kids LOVE homemade chips but I didn't like making them because I thought that the only way you could was by deep-frying. And too much oil is obviously bad. So when I saw this set on Facebook it was an instant order- I'm glad I did because it lets you make potato chips without oil! My kids are happy, the wife is happy = great product." Connor M., Burlington, VT 

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      Product Specifications:
      • Package includes: (1) ChipIn' Chips Maker Set
      • Material: food-grade microwavable plastic
      • Size: about 8.0 x 1.7 (D * H)