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Craft ‘N Sew Invisible Thread
Craft ‘N Sew Invisible Thread
Craft ‘N Sew Invisible Thread
Craft ‘N Sew Invisible Thread

    Craft ‘N Sew Invisible Thread

    $12.99 USD $29.99 USD

      Now you see it, now you don’t!

      Give your sewing projects smooth, seamless stitches with the help of the Craft ‘N Sew Invisible Thread. This clear, fine-stranded material that resembles a fishing line is perfect when you’re adding embellishments or accessorizing with appliqués and patches and wanted the thread concealed.

      This invisible thread is also great for attaching multi-colored bindings where it’s difficult to select the best thread color to use. Or when you don’t have the right thread color to hand, or are stitching over two different fabrics.

      Features and benefits:

      Give your fabrics seamless, clean finishes. With this clear thread, the stitches blend perfectly into the background of your work, rather than being prominent. This gives your creations an embossed effect with flawless, almost thread-less finish.

      Multipurpose thread. It’s not only perfect for sewing projects but for jewelry-making, decorations, artwork, and photography as well. Perfect for sewing stitches you don’t want to see, stringing and weaving seed beads, hanging decors or objects you want to appear as floating, and so much more.

      ✅ Available in 2 colors. The thread comes in 2 popular common colors: white and red. This makes it even easier for the thread to blend perfectly on all-colored fabric.

      High tensile strength. Made from 100% silk and comes in its own spool, this monofilament fiber is non-stretchable in nature, tangle-free, and waterproof. This increases its durability and utility manifold. Guaranteed to provide maximum strength and minimum shrinkage.

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      • Product Specifications:
      • Package includes: (1) spool of Craft ‘N Sew Invisible Thread
      • Material: Silk
      • Color: Red, White