DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set
DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set
DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set
DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set
DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set
DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set
DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set
DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set

    DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set

    $29.99 $55.99

      Open and scribe tiles the fastest way possible.

      Make working with tiles fast, easy, and efficient with the help of your DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set! Perfect for renovations, repairs, and more, this is a must-have for every DIYer and household.

      What Your DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set Can Do:
      Say goodbye to struggling through tilework with tools that just aren't sharp enough to do the job- and do the job well:
      1. Smoothly open and cut through almost any tile, including glass, mirror, glazed, and whole ceramic.
      2. Work for long periods of time for more complicated projects.
      3. Come with a divider, 2 cutting wheels, and 2 empty bottles.

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      Why Add the DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set to Your Arsenal?
    • Make working with tiles faster than ever
    • Reliable and sturdy with one-piece cast aluminum design.
    • Open and cut tiles to fit any project and layout.
    • Easy to use whether you're an amateur or a pro.
    • What are Customers Saying?

      "I was surprised at how well this works given the asking price. The husband and I wanted to renovate an old bathroom and this was a great help- the cutter works splendidly and the tile opener makes life much easier." Jodie Delaney, Decatur, IL

      "The cutter is sharp and good, scribes through tiles like a knife through butter. The opener is fantastic. 100% recommended." Simon Rey, San Antonio, TX

      "I make custom mirrors as part of my job and this has become a staple in my arsenal. Really good for something so cheap. I recommend using a steel ruler for straight lines. Overall I'm very satisfied." Peter, Joplin, MO

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      Product Specifications:
      • Package includes: (1 set) DIY-Rex Tile Opener Set, including:
        (1) Tile divider
        (1) Tile cutter
        (2) Cutter wheels
        (2) Empty bottles
      • Material: Alloy
      • Tile divider size: 6.3*4.33*2.56 inches
      • Tile cutter size: 4.72*4.72*0.79 inches
      • Weight: 13oz
      • Safety caution:
        1. Keep cutting force uniform and firm for full break integrity.
        2. Always wear safety goggles and gloves.