Foldable Silicone Travel Bottle
Foldable Silicone Travel Bottle
Foldable Silicone Travel Bottle

    Foldable Silicone Travel Bottle

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      A Water Bottle You Can Fold!

      Don't waste space on a clunky water bottle that breaks the moment you drop it. The Foldable Silicone Travel Bottle is a must-have for any person on the go. It folds up when not in use and stays intact no matter how many times you drop it. It's even equipped with an attachable hook!


      • Folds into a pocket-sized form. Compared to clunky, awkward water bottles that take up a ton of space, this one folds up when you don't need to use it. Simply roll it up and secure with the built-in band before stashing it in your pocket. It only weighs 90g empty, too.
      • Great for airports and flying. Tired of wasting perfectly good water bottles before boarding your flight? Leave a lighter carbon footprint with this! Simply dispose of any contents, fold it up, and stash it in your bag. No more headaches dealing with airport security. 

      • Unbreakable. Unlike other water bottles in the market, this one doesn't break on impact thanks to its flexible high-quality silicone material. Great for those of us who are on the clumsier side or those who work out!

      • Heat and freeze resistant. Whether you want to enjoy a hotter beverage in the winter or want to stay cool in the summer, your Foldable Silicone Travel Bottle will keep your drink nice with its ability to maintain temperatures -40°C to 200°C


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      Product Specifications:

      • Package includes: (1) Foldable Silicone Travel Bottle
      • Material: silicone + ABS plastic
      • Size: 7x23cm
      • Volume: 500ml