Green Fishing Light
Green Fishing Light
Green Fishing Light
Green Fishing Light
Green Fishing Light
Green Fishing Light

    Green Fishing Light

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      The Light That Will Make Your Fishing Trip At Night Easier & Brighter!

      Fishing at night increases your chances of a great catch but it can be pretty tricky without the proper lighting. But worry no more, Green Fishing Light got you! This tool grants you the opportunity to fish at any time of the day where you can draw fishes near to your light to experience great nighttime fishing. 


      • 360-degree full angle. Green fishing light gives you the 360-degree view which includes all around as it will cast the light up and down. This will guarantee you great coverage of underwater life and you’re sure to get a great catch! 

      • 2000 Lumens. You can use this heavy-duty green fishing light on your fishing trip. This will provide a bright glow and serve as a night light for fishing in the dark. With 2000 lumens, the light is powerful enough to illuminate any body of water.

      • Long time usage. Green fishing light is equally efficient in both freshwater and saltwater and will provide you 50,000 hours of continual use. You don't have to worry even if you pull up an all-nighter for your fishing trip.

      • Easy to use. You just have to sit there, be comfortable and the powerful LED lights will intrigue fish and bring them closer to you in minutes. This is ideal for saltwater & freshwater. You just need to place this light under your boat or near your dock for more various sea life draw near to you!


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      Product Specifications:

      • Package includes (1) Green Fishing Light
      • Material: ABS
      • Lamp Length: 7.8 Inches
      • Wire Length: 5 Meters
      • Color: Green 
      • Power: 20 Watts
      • Input Voltage: Dc 12V
      • Input Current: Less than1 Amp
      • Lumen: 2000 Lumens