Kids Magic Bubble Gun
Kids Magic Bubble Gun
Kids Magic Bubble Gun
Kids Magic Bubble Gun
Kids Magic Bubble Gun
Kids Magic Bubble Gun
Kids Magic Bubble Gun
Kids Magic Bubble Gun

    Kids Magic Bubble Gun

    $9.99 $19.99

      The cute toy gun that blows out bubbles!

      Enjoy the magic of bubbles AND stay cool in this heat! The super-cute Kids Magic Bubble Gun conjures up a bevy of bubbles with a push of the button. Take off the cover and it turns into a mini-fan!
      How to Use:
      1. Load in 2x AA batteries (not included)
      2. Pour bubble solution into a dish. We recommend using dish soap, water, and sugar for a homemade mixture!
      3. Soak the circular lid in the bubble solution.
      4. Press the button and the gun will blow out bubbles!

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      Why the Kids Magic Bubble Gun?
    • Keeps kids and the young-of-heart entertained with a shower of bubbles!
    • Dry and take off the lid to turn into a mini-fan.
    • Mini-fan is safe to use with super-soft 'blades'.
    • The perfect gift!
    • What are Customers Saying?

      "My daughters love theirs! I ordered 3 and they arrived earlier this week. My girls practically haven't put them down since first playing with them. Pretty straight forward to set up- kids can probably do it on their own after some teaching." Glen F., Philadelphia, PA

      "A cute toy. Bought this on a whim. I'm 19 but why not lmao. It's really cute and nice to play with when you're bored or feeling stressed, say, from online classes. The fan is handy, too, and works better than I thought." Audriana A., MA
      "Fun for kids, a good gift idea. I ordered one for my grandson to play with during the lockdown. He loves it and uses it every day. Exceeded my expectations given the price." Cary T., MN


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      Product Specifications:
      • Package includes: (1) Kids Magic Bubble Gun
      • Material: PU, ABS
      • For ages 6 years old and up