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Laser-guided Scissors
Laser-guided Scissors
Laser-guided Scissors
Laser-guided Scissors
Laser-guided Scissors

    Laser-guided Scissors

    $19.99 USD $39.99 USD

      Accurate, Clear Cutting Every Time!

      Put out perfect cutting every time with your trusty Laser-guided Scissors! Easy to use and lightweight, these scissors cut faster than most others on top of providing a laser guide so you can see where you cut.


      • CUT CONFIDENTLY. Say goodbye to guessing games and wonky cutting! Equipped with a handy laser guide that shows where you're about to cut before you cut.

      • EASY TO USE. Simply push the button to turn on the laser guide and adjust by turning the screws on the side until the laser lines up with the blade. Make a mark on the opposite side of your material and cut while keeping the laser on that mark!

      • SMOOTH, QUICK CUTTING. Features blades that cut faster than most other scissors in the market, making these scissors perfect for paper projects, fabric projects, wrapping gifts, and more.

      • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN. Perfect for those with arthritis on top of being easy to store and carry.

      How to install/change batteries:
      1. On the side with the buttons, find the "cross"/A sign.
      2. Turn counterclockwise to open.
      3. Replace batteries, with the positive end facing down.
      4. Turn clockwise to close.

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      Product Specifications:

      • Package includes: (1) Laser-guided Scissors
      • Power: 3x LR44 button cell batteries (not included)
      • Wavelength: 30nm