Mini Electric Drill Water Pump
Mini Electric Drill Water Pump
Mini Electric Drill Water Pump
Mini Electric Drill Water Pump
Mini Electric Drill Water Pump

    Mini Electric Drill Water Pump

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      Turn Your Drill into a Water Pump!

      Convert your drill into a high-capacity water pump with the Mini Electric Drill Water Pump! This drill pump is self-priming and works with both corded and cordless drills on top of fitting the majority of electric drills. Great for emptying pools, sinks, aquariums, and more.


      • SMALL BUT POWERFUL. Features an ultra-fast pumping speed, reliably stable performance, and high efficiency. Empty or transfer liquids between pools, aquariums, sinks, fountains, and more.

      • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY. Compatible with both corded and cordless drills, this fits almost all electric drills and drill chucks. 

      • ULTRA-COMPACT DESIGN. Far smaller, more lightweight, and easier to store than your conventional water pumps. 


      1. For optimal priming, apply a few drops of lubricating oil in the pump inlet prior to each use.
      2. Ensure the inlet hose is airtight and as short as possible, not exceeding 3m.
      3. If pumping abrasive fluids or liquids with solids, use a strainer with the inlet line.
      4. We recommend mounting the pump on a stable surface for ease of use.
      5. Starting drilling. Watch the inlet tube to ensure fluid is drawn into the pump in 15-20 seconds. If not, check that the inlet tube is properly attached to the inlet pump.
      6. Once done, flush pump inlet with clean water.

      Note: Do not run dry. If pump fails to prime, check that the hoses are not clogged. Pump depends on fluid being pumped for proper lubrication.


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      Product Specifications:

      • Package includes: (1) Mini Electric Drill Water Pump
      • Color: black
      • Material:ABS and metal
      • Size: about 4.1x2.5 inches