Multi-Cutter Straining Colander
Multi-Cutter Straining Colander
Multi-Cutter Straining Colander
Multi-Cutter Straining Colander
Multi-Cutter Straining Colander

    Multi-Cutter Straining Colander

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      If you spend a lot of time washing and chopping vegetables for your dishes, a Multi-Cutter Straining Colander may be a wise investment to help you save time. This little helper allows you to cut, slice, julienne, wash, drain, and serve food using only one kitchen utensil. It’ll make your food preparation easier and less time-consuming.


      • A handy food cutter. The colander features a half-lid where you can attach blade inserts for slicing vegetables and fruits. These 5 interchangeable blades allow you to cut food in various shapes and sizes to make your dishes visually appetizing. It even includes a bonus peeler so you can peel fruit and vegetable rinds easily.

      • Doubles as a drainer and bowl too. When you’re done cutting fruits and veggies, you can wash them directly inside the colander and gently tilt the outer bowl to remove excess water. The 2-bowl smart design of the colander allows you to strain food without accidentally spilling them in the sink.

      • Cuts your food prep by 50%. Because you can cut, wash, and serve food using one utensil, you’ll have more time cooking and serving delicious healthy meals for your family and less time cleaning kitchen clutters.

      • Safe to use. The colander comes with a handguard that clips onto the food so that you can slide your ingredient into without putting your fingers too close to the blade. The colander is also equipped with a long handle and non-slip base for stable cutting.

      • Durable. Made of premium plastic and 404 stainless steel material, this kitchen cooking kit is guaranteed to last a lifetime and will not break, rust, or lose sharpness over time. 

      • A breeze to clean.  All parts are detachable, and you can simply wash them directly under water tap or throw in the top rack of your dishwasher.


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      Product Specifications:

      • Package includes:
      • 1 Strainer Colander
      • 2 x Slicing Inserts
      • 3 x Julienne Inserts
      • 1 x Grater Insert
      • 1 x Peeler
      • 1 x Hand Guard
      • Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel
      • Colander size: 22 x 11 x 15 cm
      • Handle size: 10 cm
      • Color: White + Black