Outdoor Car Shower
Outdoor Car Shower
Outdoor Car Shower
Outdoor Car Shower
Outdoor Car Shower
Outdoor Car Shower

    Outdoor Car Shower

    $79.99 $150.00

      An Instantly Accessible Shower Outdoors! 

      Make a shower out of your car with our handy Outdoor Car Shower! Great getting a lot done while you're in the outdoors, fishing, or camping, such as pet bathing, car washing, gear cleaning or scouring with sand at the beach.

      Benefits & Features 

      ✅ A Dependable Showering Experience. A strong pump offers stable showering for a better user experience. The rechargeable battery is not only waterproof but also separated from the pump.  

      ✅ Compact, Portable Design. Portable and lightweight, easy for storage and carrying.The portable electric shower built-in a filter device. The electric shower's appearance is beautiful and generous.  

      ✅ Easy to Set Up in Seconds. Features a hook that can be attached to any object to meet your needs. Just plug the power source into your car's lighter/power socket,  put the pump (built-in filter system) into the lake/sink/bucket with water, and turn on the switch. 

      ✅ Made of Premium Materials. lightweight, sturdy, and durable. This unique design makes the battery avoid being immersed in the water for a long time, almost completely prevents the possibility that the water flows into the battery and will greatly enhance product life.

      Product Specifications 

      Voltage: DC 12V (car cigar socket)
      Hose Length: 2m
      Capacity: 10L

      Package Inclusions 

      1x Outdoor Car Shower
      1x Spray head
      1x Bag
      1x Fittings kit