The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube

    The Infinity Cube

    $17.99 $35.98

      Explore limitless combos with The Infinity Cube.

      The one cube that presents limitless possibilities and instant relief from stress and anxiety is here. Able to unfold in numerous shapes and figures, the Infinity Cube is the perfect fidget gift.

      Using Your Infinity Cube:

      1. Feel stress, anxiety, the need to fidget, or simply boredom.
      2. Bring our your Infinity Cube.
      3. Flip and fold! The Infinity Cube unravels and transforms into many different shapes.

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      Why the Infinity Cube?
    • Eliminate stress, anxiety, and boredom.
    • Boost creativity when brainstorming.
    • Bring it anywhere: it's pocket-size and low-key.
    • Great for anyone with ADD, OCD, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and anyone on the autism spectrum.
    • What are Customers Saying?

      "The reactions are priceless. This never fails to stupefy people when I whip it out and show them the combinations. I'm definitely ordering more for my kids since they love it so much!" Martin R., Wichita, KS

      "Sturdier than my other fidget toys. After a couple of weeks of usage this has become one of my favorites out of my fidget toy collection, so much so I leave it on my desk! The make feels sturdy and the joints solid. Great product." Kiara P., New York, NY

      "How does this work so well?! I live with ADHD and it affects my work. I knew I had to get something to make me focus again. Surprisingly, the Infinity Cube has been pretty effective- it doesn't just help me stay focused, it's also handy for when I need to think of solutions. 100% recommended." John K., CA

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      Product Specifications:
      • Package includes: (1) Infinity Cube
      • Material: ABS plastic
      • Size: 3.1 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches
      • For ages 6 years old and up.