UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp
UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp
UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp
UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp
UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp
UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp
UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp

    UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp


      Painting and styling your own nails save you time and money from expensive salon mani/pedi. However, drying gel polishes naturally not only takes a long time but can accidentally ruin them. For quick, accident-free drying, opt for a UV LED Nail Dyer Lamp instead.


      • Dry nails faster. No more air-drying nails that take a long time to finish and can accidentally mess up your creative nail art. With this lamp, curing nails is fast & easy. Using high-speed curing technology, it offers full cure speeds up to 40%!

      • Cure all kinds of gel nail polish. Equipped with advanced dual UV+LED light source, you can use it to cure all kinds of UV and LED gel nail polish, from the base coat, topcoat, color gel, hard gel, to builder, acrylic, sculpture gel, and gem glue.
      • Comfortable white light. The 6 UV and LED lights combo is gentler and isn’t damaging than pure ultraviolet lights used in regular nail lamps. It won’t hurt your nails, skin, or eyes, offering you a comfortable manicure/pedicure experience.
      • Easy to use. It’s super easy to operate and has a timer so you can control the curing time with each layer. Press once to dry nails in 60 seconds. Press twice to dry in 45 seconds. And thrice to turn off the lamp.  
      • Convenient dryer. The lamp has a foldable stand and the bay underneath makes it easy to cure 5 fingernails or toenails at the same time.

      • Travel-friendly. Cordless, foldable, and USB-rechargeable, you can bring and use it wherever you go. Keep your nails fab and gorgeous for getaways, special events, business meetings, travels, and more.

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      Product Specifications:

      • Package includes:
      • 1 x LED Nail Dryer Lamp
      • 1 x USB Cable
      • Material: Plastic + UVLED Light
      • Nail Lamp size: 12 x 4.7 cm
      • USB Cable length: 80 cm
      • Color: White
      • Power: 12 W